Cromox Lifting

cromox lifting slings, lifting hooks, lifting shackles, lifting eyes, pins, points and other lifting gear

cromox is a brand of innovative high quality stainless steel lifting products made by Ketten Wälder in Germany.

Bridco are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors for cromox stainless steel lifting chain and components.

Designed by German engineers with the highest possible safety standards in mind as well as strength, longevity and durability.

cromox stainless steel lifting chain and components are specifically designed for use in water, wastewater and sewerage treatment. cromox Grade 60 stainless steel lifting chain is available in sizes 5mm – 18mm, with a working load limit (WLL) of 630kgs to 7000kgs.

cromox stainless steel lifting components include; master links, dee shackles, clevis shackles, clevis hooks, eye hooks and lifting points. These Grade 60 components are manufactured from stainless steel, mainly 316L & 318LN. Grade 60 stainless steel load rated pump chains are available as a mechanically assembled or welded system, and are custom configured (including chain lengths) to suit your application. All stainless steel lifting chain, components and pump chains are issued with a test certificate.

cromox products are only sold through certified distributors. Bridco have certified distributors across Australia and New Zealand who can help with your cromox enquiries.
For details of your nearest cromox distributor please call Bridco direct. Telephone: +61 7 55 935 688

cromox Chain Slings and Accessories from Ketten Wälder provide safety for demanding lifting and heavy duty transport jobs with superior protection against corrosion in harsh environments and increased longevity.

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