Privacy Policy
Bridge & Company Pty Ltd

Bridge & Company Pty Ltd is aware of, and seeks to adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 and the privacy principles documents put out by OAIC department of the Australian Federal Government.
See the Australian privacy principles guidelines here.

An updated copy can be found on the OAIC website at see updates and amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 here.

Bridge & Company trading as Bridco believes it complies with Australian Privacy Principles by not reselling any private information we collect in the course of a website enquiry either by form or email or phone call and the fact that we do not keep personal information collected unless it is for the carrying out a sale or activities leading to a sale such as sending the enquirer the information that they have asked about.

Sharing Information only when absolutely necessary
If a person becomes a customer of ours then we make sure their information is kept private and is not seen by outside parties or parties other than the immediate staff of Bridco who will deal with an order or enquiry.
Sometimes third party IT people will gain temporary access to private information to undertake jobs such as modifying a network database.
A shipping carrier will be given addresss information to fulfull an order.

We also try to be fully compliant to the new Privacy Legislation enacted in 2014.
Any private information we collect of our customers is encrypted and under a strong data protection regime.

We believe we are either fully compliant or are currently implementing procedures to become fully compliant according to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) Guidelines and matters pertaining to the new legislation.

There are 13 Australian Privacy Principles and they govern standards, rights and obligations around topics such as:

As well as all other matters that we are required to be compliant to such as:

The Bridco website uses Google Analytics which lays cookies for seeing how our website visitors behave but which does not attach the behaviour to personally identifiable individuals.

We also have shopping cart software on this website which will collect information and store it securely when relating to a specific order.

Please read the Australian Privacy Principles as they stand on 7 July 2021.

See also the OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) Australian Privacy Principles quick reference

For privacy enquiries please call:
Ph: 07 5593 5688

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australian privacy principles quick reference
Australian Privacy Principles summary click for PDF on OAIC website (opens in new tab)