Bridco in-house Services

Bridco cater for all types wire rope swaging and terminations from simple hand crimping to hydraulic pressing and roll swaging.
Sizing and tooling are as follows:

  • 40t Talurit press – pressing 3 & 4mm terminal ends specifically for balustrading.
  • 130t Talurit press – pressing up to Code 20 ferrules.
  • A350 WireTeknik Roll Swaging – For terminal swaging up to 16mm.
  • A400 WireTeknik Roll Swaging – For terminal swaging up to 22mm.

Bridco have a full workshop where we can pre-cut and drill our Stainless Steel Modular Railings to suit any job.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice, however every effort will be made to ensure our customers are informed of any increases.
Therefore Bridco will not be held responsible for under quoting due to price increases.

Blank Test Tags AISI 316 diagram

Bridco specialist stainless steel services

Swaging, railings, wire rope assemblies, test bench, spectrometer and more

Test bench for stainless steel lifting gear

Stainless Steel Lifting & Testing Services (an arm of Bridco) have specialised equipment in the form of a 50 ton Talurit test bench with an effective length of 8m which can be doubled when testing stainless steel chain or stainless steel wire, cable or rope.

Bridco’s test bench is primarily used for the certification of Cromox grade 50 stainless steel chain assemblies but Bridco also perform other load testing services such as individual proof loading of standard Bridco stainless steel products, testing of stainless steel wire rope slings and other product batch testing.

Tested stainless steel products will be tagged displaying the appropriate information.

Destruction tests with graphs displaying Force/Time can also be performed should the requirement arise.

NOTE: The testing is not recognized by a 3rd party (ie NATA) due to the fact there are no current standards specifically referring to stainless steel products other than Grade 50 chain (AS4797).

All testing is based on in-house research and development, supplier recommendations or based on standards of a similar nature. All testing equipment is regularly calibrated by an approved laboratory.

Talurit test bench
Test bench for stainless steel lifting gear