Height Safety Fittings

See Bridco Height Safety products including rigging screws and fork terminals below.

For use with 8mm (5/16”) 7×7, 7×19 or 1×19 braided stainless steel wire rope.

Swageless Assembly Components
swageless assembly components
Step 1. Feed wire through cone and spread 3 piece clamp around wire, leaving 5mm of excess.

swageless assembly step 1

Step 2. Push 3 piece clamp into cone and slide the ring over the excess wire. Screw the head on firmly with spanners to hold assembly together.

swageless assembly step 2

Step 3. Screw lock nut to secure assembly.

swageless assembly step 3

Step 4. Repeat process for threaded part in Bottlescrew

swageless assembly step 4

Notes: To determine the length to cut the wire, first measure the bearing point to bearing point dimension, this will be the distance between the 2 fixings on the posts shown below.

Swageless Assembly Measurement

Bearing point to bearing point measurement (-) 215mm = Wire cut length.
Measurements are with bottlescrew in half open position.

Load capacity outweighs wire breaking strengths provided the setup is assembled correctly.
No responsibility is taken for misuse or poorly assembled systems.

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