Stainless Steel Maintenance

How to clean and polish stainless steel.

Stainless steel is not maintenance free but is maintenance friendly.

When using stainless steel material outdoors you need to clean it periodically, especially in aggressive environments like coastal areas or swimming pools.

Washing stainless steel regularly will reduce the risk of tea staining. For best results wash the stainless  item with soap or a mild detergent and warm water, followed by rinsing with cold water. The appearance of the surface can be improved further if the washed surface is wiped dry.

We recommend Bridco B40 cleaner and Bridco B42 polish for the best maintenance results.

Satin finished products require extra maintenance especially in high salt environments. Rough surface finishes promote tea staining: The smoother the surface finish, the better. A surface roughness (Ra) of less than 0.5 micrometres is strongly recommended.

Further treatments such as passivating or electrolyzing will also promote better corrosion resistance.

Please note that modular hand rail fittings, open body turnbuckles etc , in their design, also require more regular maintenance due to gaps and crevices that trap foreign contaminants.

Maintenance of external stainless steel  applications.

Rainfall on a regular basis will remove dirt, dust and other deposits from stainless steel if the design of the facade allows.

In most parts of Australia however, there is often insufficient rainfall to effectively clean external fittings so Bridco recommend the use of the cleaning schedule  which is found on the product pages.

Bridco user guide and conditions of use for stainless steel components.

Bridco have published a four page brochure containing important information for users of stainless steel components.

Click to download the Bridco Stainless Steel User Guide (117 KB PDF).

The user guide covers such issues as cleaning & maintenance, stainless steel grades, corrosion resistance & environmental factors.

Bridco recommend reading this guide before purchasing or selling stainless steel fittings and components.

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