What is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing in an electro chemical process. It employs a bath with electrical current at a positive rate and uses chemistry to polish stainless steel.

Electropolishing is performed by immersing a stainless steel item in a bath containing phosphoric and sulfuric acid to dissolve a very small amount of material from the metal surface.

The benefits of this are to increase resistance to corrosion, deburring, levelling micro peaks and valleys and creating an aesthetically pleasing smooth bright finish.  

This process helps to provide a very high level of corrosion resistance while the smooth surface also assists with maintenance and cleaning of the items.

Bridco offer’s Electropolishing as an addition to the range of Cromox Anchor Chain as well as being a standard finish on Stainless Steel Wire Rope up to 14mm.

For further information please visit https://www.assda.asn.au/technical-info/surface-finishes/chemical-surface-treatments

Some of the above information was kindly provided by Australian Stainless Steel Development Association of which Bridco is a member. www.assda.asn.au