Swaging Machines

Bridco supply swaging tools ranging from hand swagers to roll swagers to huge 600 ton swaging presses (see below)

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Talurit Swage Presses

Bridco are Australian agents for quality Swedish manufacturer Talurit AB who have manufactured swaging machines, swaging presses and swagers for the wire rope splicing industry for over 60 years.
Talurit AB swaging machines are available in many different models and have capacities of up to 3700 tonnes.
It is possible to press aluminium clamps for wire rope sizes up to 128 mm (5").
Bridco stock 18 ton & 40 ton swaging machines and are able to import directly 150 ton, 300 ton & 600 ton swaging machines upon order confirmation.

Talurit AB Swaging Presses

WireTeknik Roll Swagers

Talurit and WireTeknik swaging machines

Talurit and WireTeknik swaging machines

WireTeknik roll swagers provide an alternative to sleeves, spelter sockets and the joining of non weldable materials.
A big advantage with WireTeknik swagers is their portability whereby one person can do the job, whether they use a manual pump, an electric motor or compressed air.
Due to this portability, a permanent on-site solution can be achieved in all circumstances. The range is wide, and the capacity is from 1.6 mm – 40 mm, wire or rod.  

The swagers are designed with as few movable parts as possible making it reliable both in the field and in production environments.

In many fields, there is a need for high strength swaged terminals and WireTeknik machines perform as effectively on solid rod as they do on full-steel wire rope.

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Click on WireTeknik graphic below to see page 71 of Bridco catalogue showing the swaging ranges (in wire dimensions) of the different Wireteknik roll swagers.
Wireteknik Portable Roller Swagers