Spectrometer for stainless steel grading, analysis and testing

Spectrometer for stainless steel testing and analysis

Spectrometer for stainless steel testing and analysis

Proof loading and certifying of stainless steel chain, chain slings and wire rope assemblys

Stainless Lifting & Testing Services in conjuction with Bridco have the state of the art spectrometer capable of actively measuring and identifying different grades of stainless steel. Test results are registered on an analysis report which provides detailed information on grade limits and material percentages. Bridco have staff who are specially trained in material analysis and the use of the spectrometer.

Batch testing for stainless steel products purchased from Bridco is also available on request. The request must be received prior to despatch to ensure all items are from the same batch.

Please contact Bridco for fees and prices for stainless steel analysis using the spectrometer and/or test bench.

Test bench for stainless steel lifting gear

Stainless Steel Lifting & Testing Services have specialised equipment in the form of a 50 ton Talurit test bench with an effective length of 8m which can be doubled when testing stainless steel chain or stainless steel wire or rope.

Bridco's test bench is primarily used for the certification of Cromox grade 50 stainless steel chain assemblies but Bridco also perform other load testing services such as individual proof loading of standard Bridco stainless steel products, testing of stainless steel wire rope slings and other product batch testing.

Test bench setup for load rated lifting components

Test bench setup for load rated lifting components

Tested stainless steel products will be tagged displaying the appropriate information.

Destruction tests with graphs displaying Force/Time can also be performed should the requirement arise.
NOTE: The testing is not recognized by a 3rd party (ie NATA) due to the fact there are no current standards specifically referring to stainless steel products other than Grade 50 chain (AS4797).

All testing is based on in-house research & development, supplier recommendations or based on standards of a similar nature. All testing equipment is regularly calibrated by an approved laboratory.