Ferrules - Swages

Assorted swages and ferrules

Assorted copper and stainless swages and ferrules

Ferrules and swages are "sleeves" that fit around wire and are used to crimp or "terminate" wire ropes. Ferrules vary in size to suit very small to very large gauge wire.

Bridco supply ferrules and swage presses and many other fittings such as thimbles and eye bolts that may be required in wire rope rigging and other applications.

Hydraulic Swages - Bridco stock hydraulic ferrules (swages) manufactured in Sweden by Talurit AB. Our hydraulic ferrules are available in copper, stainless steel and aluminium, with sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 60mm. The large ferrules are used on commercial constructions such as bridges while the smaller sizes are prodominently used for swaging wire rope.

Bridco supply hydraulic ferrules made with different metals including:

Hand Ferrules - Bridco's hand ferrules are manufactured from copper by high quality New Zealand manufacturer Clamp Products, the hand swages (ferrules) are available in plain copper or nickel plated for aesthetic purposes.

Also see the full 2020 Bridco catalogue (152 page PDF) which has the information above as well as more detailed information regarding the applications of the different swages (ferrules), hand swaging tools and also the larger swaging presses.

Also see other pages on this website showing the range of electric and hydraulic swaging presses as well as hand swaging tools suitable for swaging small or very large ferrules made with different metals.