About Bridge & Company Ptd Ltd or BRIDCO Australia

Bridco supply stainless steel balustrading tubing, wire rope and fittings

Bridco supply stainless steel balustrading tubing, wire rope and fittings

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Originally Bridco were predominantly involved in the importation and wholesale supply of stainless steel marine hardware, but have since expanded our range to become one of the largest Australian suppliers of stainless steel wire rope fittings and other stainless steel hardware to the industrial and architectural industries.
Now Bridco also specialise in a range of stainless steel load rated (LR) fittings and Grade 50, 316L stainless steel chain & components.

Bridco personnel have extensive knowledge of many different industries including building, mining and marine. Bridco sell products used for applications within those industries including stainless steel hardware, load rated chains for industrial lifting , modular handrail systems for interior design, pool fencing and balustrading, wire rope swaging tools used for many different applications across many different industries.

Bridco distributed products can be found in a wide and diverse range of industries including mining, building, marine, petrochemical, fishing, logging as well as the armed forces.

Bridco products are used in water & wastewater treatment plants, sewerage plants, architectural and structural engineering applications.

Bridco's stainless hardware and handrails ares used in domestic house building, pool fencing, playground equipment and shop fittings.